Overheard In A Reception Area . . ., or, A Very Busy Morning

(I have a very busy morning.  So no extended narrative today.  But post I must because I truly believe and know in my heart that  you are addicted to The Recovering Attorney Blog (“tongue in cheek” tone–I am confident not narcissistic).  I mean really.   Where else on the www. can you read the musings of a modern, stylish, (over) indulgent, fortysomething former lawyer who fired herself  (please see the “About The Recovering Attorney” section); has led a very interesting life–I have only just begun to share, who offers her insight on life, personal growth, reconnection, reinvention, her spouse and children and then has the audacity to refer to her blog as the   UN-BLOG(TM)?  Only an attorney I tell you.  Ha!)

The Actual Post

While waiting on  a line when on an airplane, or in the reception area of an office, I have a penchant for casually tuning into other people’s public (No.  I don’t snoop, use wire tapping devices, nor do I secretly record ) conversations.   People just have very interesting conversations–and some snippets are worth repeating:

“New York  is a sink or swim city.  Some people just have larger life jackets then others”

“If homeboy thinks that he can speak better *prep boy speech* than me–please!”

“He is so disagreeable that he complains that the ice cubes are too crunchy”

“I dropped the F bomb; no one got hurt.  I was just expressing myself…why is it called a bomb?

“Let’s not and say that we did”

“He never pays his way.  He is always asking for a ride or borrowing money from me–heck, his new nickname is Luggage because I am always carrying him”

I am sure that you have heard excellent snippets as well.  Feel free to share.

Many thanks,

The Recovering Attorney

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