Off-Topic Tuesday,or, Homeward Bound and Found

 (The Recovering Attorney and Family Spring Break Photo)

“Get Out And See The World, Take A Vacation, Travel” . . .Yes!  It reads well in glossy magazines.  Women of a certain age are admonished to leave the nest if only for a short while to regroup, reconnect and recover:   A girlfriend only retreat at a secluded, rustic, yet luxurious spa ( I am thinking Arizona or New Mexico).  Or a daring solo trip to a far-flung exotic location where you re-learn how to Eat, Love and Pray. 

Well for my money and at this stage in my “recovery,”  that exhort to travel and see the world is immediately tampered by all of the stuff that I have to get done in preparation for my sojourn  AND all of the personal stuff that must accompany said sojourn. 

What does a worn flat pillow, a couple of bags of Trader Joes’s mixed nuts and dried fruits, a few fresh fruits, coconut water, a tub of shea butter, a vial each of coconut and rosemary oil, calcium chews, biotin and fish oil tablets and a woman’s daily multi-vitamin, my prescribed acne medication (*sigh* adult acne is a chore) and the __________and the___________and I can’t forget the________! all have in common?  The preceding are just a few of the things that I must pack in order to 1. stay regular, 2. have a good night sleep, and 3. literally feel comfortable in my skin.  I recall not so long ago when all I needed for a trip was a practically empty suitcase.  Those days are gone.

To be honest (and as The Recovering Attorney, “Ownership” and “Honesty” should really be my hyphenated names) at this stage in my life travel is quickly losing its allure (shh–don’t tell my mom–she just might think that she has failed as a mother.  Ha!).  I don’t care if I am packing the rear of the SUV headed to the beach for the weekend or if it’s a get- out- the- passport- and- upload- the- new -translator- application- on- the- smart phone- trip. . . 

Too much work I tell you.  I remember in my younger motherhood when Precious Children I and II were both under the age of ten.  I had to pack diapers, “stuffies,” bath toys, special snacks and the___________and the_____________and dare I forget the____________!   History sure has a way of repeating itself.

The Mandarin Hotels (and their cohorts) can keep its rich Asian inspired decor and its discreet butlers–for now, today, HOME is my final destination– the destination I covet.  And The Dog is always eagerly, faithfully awaiting my return.

Disclaimer:  Above stated position subject to change on a whim–probably as soon as next week–I bore easy and a get away is always a great mood changer!

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2 Responses to “Off-Topic Tuesday,or, Homeward Bound and Found”

  1. “To be honest (and as The Recovering Attorney, ”Ownership” and “Honesty” should really be my hyphenated names) at this stage in my life travel is quickly losing its allure”

    I feel like I just watched someone ride off with my new bike!! I’m but 30something, but pls tell me this is just crazytalk! If not, I’m boycotting 40. 😦

  2. Hey. Wait. Don’t boycott your 40s. Please read the Disclaimer at the end of the post and several other posts and you will quickly see that I am “Forty-Fine” and loving every. single. moment. of my 40s. Your bike is still safe and sound. Ha! And welcome. Thanks for commenting. Visit early and often.

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