Diamonds, Pearls, Pipe Cleaners, or, “Your Signature…Please”

For some women it’s a signet ring perhaps inherited from a favorite great-aunt.  For certain women it’s a pair of classic diamond stud earrings received as a “just because” gift from your husband or favorite guy.  Or perhaps it’s an inherited watch from Grandfather or a charm bracelet given to you by your husband and children–of course the charms depicting your most dearest favorite things in the whole wide world.  Be it Grandmother’s pearls, a trendy golf ball size ring, a vintage watch, funky of- the- moment silver cable designer earrings (cable bracelet, cable necklace, cable ring…you know of what I write), a stone encrusted pin, a mommy bracelet fashioned out of a purple pipe cleaner made by your little one, or a simple 18 carat gold necklace purchased in a consignment boutique–all of these items can serve as your signature piece.  A piece that all who come in contact with you at the market on Monday will find on your person at the networking event on Friday.   It’s a piece that you are known for.  A piece an item that becomes your Signature.

When I think of women who commit to wearing  signature pieces, I think of consistent, steadfast, confident (oh, dare I say “hot” women– please see preceding post).  These women can be of a certain age or young moms.    Women who are comfortable in their skin AND in their surroundings.  These women would not care if they were attending a certain royal wedding or serving as a “mommy chaperone” on their child’s field trip to the park–that signature piece would grace their neck, ears, arm or finger.

To me there is a certain confidence that exudes from such a woman.  She is not at all troubled that her brilliant super-sized diamond stud or hoop earrings may appear a tad much when picnicking with 8 year olds.    Nor is she bothered that her vintage slightly worn male Patek Philippe watch may be a bit out of place for the uber- elegant black tie event.  The watch is invited because it’s her signature piece. 

I have stated early and often on The Recovering Attorney Blog about my loovvee of jewelry.  This love of jewelry is in my DNA.   Came by it honestly.  My maternal grandfather often told me of his mother, a small woman, who was so fond of her “trinkets” (her words) that she would wear her trinkets every.where.  To the grocer, to sit in the sun, to dig in her small garden.  My mother inherited the gene and she took the family trait one step further.   When I was young my mother had her own jewelry designer, Charles.   Today, she has many custom, commissioned “they don’t make them like that anymore” pieces (all tucked safely away) as well as a  lot of current designer pieces.  Suffice it to say– I can spot a quality one- of- a- kind piece from across a crowded room–coming of age in Manhattan during the 80’s– it was something I did for kicks!  Fine  jewelry has always been a part of my life much to the dismay of Mr. Recovering Attorney.  So. Yeah.  I have a Signature.  However. . .

With this new evolving, reconnecting and recovering me, I am seriously considering adopting a new Signature piece.  Something that says:  The Recovering Attorney.  Perhaps a charm depicting the scales of justice with a line slashed through the middle (perhaps not–far too many inferences), or perhaps a funky, original Rachel Stewart piece (if only she worked with precious metals and stones–if it’s going to be a signature piece I need durability–a commission might work. ) to celebrate my “new” sans chemical hair. 

(Or perhaps my hair can serve as my signature.  I don’t know.  Just a thought.  Style blogger Tamara Styles of GetItGirlStyle ( ),  from my perspective, has a unique signature–her flattering, stylish short-cropped hair–to me that’s her signature.   A signature that she “owns” and flaunts–well!  Click, see and enjoy for yourself– while visiting you can enjoy her eye and you might recognize a certain blogger)

Not unlike Suze Orman and her ubiquitous earrings, I’m also going for the gold–or perhaps silver, platinum, diamonds, pearls or pipe cleaners–The Recovering Attorney’s new signature piece or look.  I will keep you posted.  What about you Dear Readers.  Do you have a Signature? 

COPYRIGHT 2011.  The Recovering Attorney.  All Rights Reserved.  And I will sue.  Ha!


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