Re-Post: Sex and the City or What Makes a Woman Hot?

Weekends at home are always Frenetic and Fun at the home of The Recovering Attorney.  But weekends away–are always extra!  So no time for new content.    But because I love my Dear Readers:  *THIS IS THE RE-POST*.  Please re-enjoy! 

And a Happy Easter, Happy Passover and Happy Spring Nights and Days to All.  SEE YOU DEAR READERS ON MONDAY!

I have a confession to make.  I just watched the movie, Sex and the City.  As of yesterday its official.   I am no longer a Sex and the City virgin.  I recall the Friday that the movie opened.  I was still a “practicing” attorney.  I had an afternoon appointment with a young thirtysomething attorney from the opposing side.  “We” were negotiating with her employer.  I eagerly (she did not know this of course) agreed to meet at her offices, the world headquarters of CNN.  Hey, why not?  I just might run into T.J. Holmes (ha! to the blogger, The Black Snob)!  You never know.  Anywhooooo.  After having my photo taken, my driver’s license scrutinized, going through a metal detector, waiting in the lobby for an escort, going up a long escalator (I think that ride doubled as a FBI observational behavioral study for visitors–checking for nervousness, heavy perspiration and the like) and having my handbag and briefcase physically searched by an armed Atlanta police officer before being allowed to enter the elevators to travel up to CNN’s legal offices, I was ready for this hardball meeting.  Right? Right.  Well. No.  After dispensing with the business at hand (“we” prevailed!) the “younger” attorney and I began to have an “unbusiness” conversation. ( You heard it here first–unbusiness conversation).  She told me that she was newly engaged and that  after work her girlfriends were going to take her to see Sex and the City to kick off her newly betrothed status.  I congratulated her, I truly wished her well; told her that I too planned on seeing the movie that weekend.  Needless to say I did not see the movie.  In fact, during the first year of the movie’s release, I traveled to Europe, the Caribbean and across the country and I did not view the movie in flight, nor did I order the movie for home viewing.  Why bother?  I did not see the movie within its first weeks.  All the critics had weighed in and I knew the outcome.  No harm.  No foul.  If asked, I knew enough about the movie to engage in an intelligent conversation (yes, 3 years ago there was intelligent conversation about the movie).  Well I was bored last night.  I watched some of the Jets-Steeler game.  Did some surfing and stumbled upon Sex and the City

My take on the movie.  You heard it all before.  The setting was to swoon for.  With New York City, my hometown, as the backdrop, one just can’t go wrong.  The street scenes, the vibrancy of the city.  The real estate.  That apartment.  The cinematography.  The fashions.  The plot?  Eh.  However, notwithstanding the recent commentary of the comedian Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globe Awards, you have to admit that the four women (including Jennifer Hudson), all over the age of 40, translated well on the big screen.  In a word they were HOT.  True, there’s special lighting, stylists, make-up artist, couture fashion and a script (yes, they are actors) to assist them in pulling off the look of the sophisticated, urbane, stylish New Yorker (hey—that was me before I moved to Atlanta in the mid-1990s–no regrets, no regrets, no regrets . . .), but that’s movie making Dear Readers and we love it.  However, we mere mortals must not despair.  We may not travel with a glam squad, or a script writer offering us witty dialogue on cue, but we can and do hold our own.  All you need is the attitude and the confidence and the rest is easy.

I am curious.  What makes a woman “hot? (Shhh.  Don’t tell Precious Child II that I used the word “hot” to refer to a woman, please.  Thanks.)  Allow me to go first: 

1.  Confidence.

2.  Confidence

3.  Did I say Confidence?

4.  Intelligence and Wit.

5.  Gravitas

6.  A banging body (Shhhh don’t tell Precious Child I that I used the word “banging” to refer to a woman’s form).

7.  If the body is not to her liking, then she wears clothing to complement her form.

8.  Fabulous accessories (handbags, jewelry, shoes, hats, scarves—it’s all in the accessories).

9.  A piece of statement jewelry that becomes the woman’s signature.

10.  Well coiffed hair.  Natural or chemically treated hair.

11.  An emergency monetary fund.

12.  A retirement plan/account (even if she is a twentysomething).

13.  A valid passport ( a hot woman should never walk away from an opportunity to travel solely because her passport has expired).

What say you Dear Readers?  Do engage!

COPYRIGHT 2011.  The Recovering Attorney.  All Rights Reserved.  And I will sue.  Ha!


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