Coming Soon, or, The Recovering Attorney is Finally Going to Add an “About The Recovering Attorney” Profile!

You read right!  This Monday or certainly by Tuesday (full disclosure–I have a busy upcoming weekend–I will try to *get her done*), The Recovering Attorney, that would be me, will have a new feature on this BLOG….me!  

These past three months–amazing!  I am “recovering,” reconnecting and growing.  The writing of The Recovering Attorney blog is helping me to “own” my authentic self.  I am who I am–darn it!  The  Good:  My health, husband, children, confidence, family, friends, my BLOG and lifestyle  (yes, it’s “over”indulgent at times–but it’s my authentic life–and I “own”it!).  The Bad:  My adult acne, gray hairs (bad combo I tell you!) and perimenopause.  The Ugly:  Uh, sorry.  No ugly here.  Ha!

You wonderful Dear Readers have allowed  me to enter your world to share my life experiences,  you have allowed me to pass on some nuggets of knowledge (I call them nuggets because I am not that deep.), and you have allowed my indulgent  musings on Precious Children I and II.  I mean what more can The Recovering Attorney want? 

Well, I am an only child AND an attorney, so of course I want more!  Who are we kidding?  I want the original Law & Order series with Jack McCoy and Lt. Van Buren to return, I want Oprah to dump Gayle for me–I know how to stay in my lane and I can learn how to be very accommodating, I want The GoodEnoughMother’s  hair (she’s my hair idol–I am a naturalista and like Rene, I am embracing my natural hair sans chemicals), I want actors and directors to STOP using cigarettes as the “go to cool prop”–not cool; I want to be 32 years old again…okay, NOW I am getting carried away!!!! 

But I do want you to continue to visit early and often.  Not ready to comment?  I get it.  We are just getting to know one another.  Robert, thank you for “dancing on the hill” with me!  

Many thanks,

The Recovering Attorney

COPYRIGHT 2011.  The Recovering Attorney.  All Rights Reserved.  And I will sue.  Ha!


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