Is Your BLOG Your JOB?

Bloggers blog for a myriad of reasons.  Some bloggers blog for the share pleasure that they get from writing.  Some for the opportunity to reach out and share their perspective of the world with the world.  And they want and NEED feedback.  Some blog because they can (and we all know  that just because you can do something does not mean that you should!).  And a growing number of people blog for a living.  It’s their j.o.b.  As for me, I am  a work in  process/progress.  The jury is still out on why I blog.

When I visit  blogs I  immediately get the sense of the bloggers’ intent.  You know when they are in it to win ($$$) it.  And of course, there is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with that.  It’s the American way and the www. (and social media) is the new frontier.  The bloggers for profit have professional sites, they have their own domain names, they utilize all social media, they vlog,  do podcasts, book speaking engagements, the content “stays” current , the bloggers are engaged with their communities, they have “branded” their personas, they have written AND published books, there are sponsors and finally the bloggers will simply state:  “I am in it for the money.”  Cool.  No problem.  I “respect that hustle (so to speak).”  You know I loovvee to see people create their own magic! 

I am just wondering.  If your BLOG is your JOB, do you expect the “visitors” to your “place of business” to conduct themselves with the same level of professionalism, civility and decorum (respect for you, no profanity, respect for the opinion of others; respect for your sponsors)  that they would exhibit if they were in your law office, your boutique  or standing in your check-out line at Trader Joe’s.  Or are all bets off.  It’s the www. and we can all cut up and let loose?

COPYRIGHT 2011.  The Recovering Attorney.  All Rights Reserved.  And I will sue! Guffaw!

2 Responses to “Is Your BLOG Your JOB?”

  1. Good topic. I think a that visitor to any blog should most certainly treat that blog, its creator and readers with respect. No cursing and no name calling. If you disagree with someone’s opinion say so and state why. Make the discussion about the topic at hand and not about the individual. If you find that you just don’t like or agree with the opinions of the blogger or other readers, you need to find another blog.

  2. Thanks Robert. Let’s see if others will offer up their two cents! ‘Appreciate the love and once again, welcome to TRA. Thanks for “dancing on the hill” with me.

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