Do You “Decal?”


As we all know, the South and the North have had their historical differences–yesterday was the 150th anniversary of the start of The War Between the States.  And  though I loovvee celebrating anniversaries, I am not quite certain how this peculiar anniversary would be celebrated if celebrated at all (not within the scope of this blog– please check the blogosphere for in-depth content and coverage, seriously).  But what I do know is that if an auto decal existed to display one’s affinity to or affiliation with either side of  the:  “To celebrate or not to celebrate debate,” my Southern brethren would promptly affix the decal to their SUV (or pick-up) to proudly display where they come down on the issue (not that there is anything wrong with that).  I love when I am able to tell someone’s politics by reading the rear bumper of their car. For me, it just makes life easier.  But I digress— what I do know is. . .

I have lived in the beautiful, gracious American South for almost two decades now and though the North (and Manhattan in particular) is where I left my heart, I will admit that I have succumbed to some Southern traditions.  One tradition of note–the plastering of one’s personal automobile (preferably a large American SUV–think white, black or forest green Suburban) with decals bearing the name of (your):   child’s current school, (preferably an old-money, conservative, independent, college-prep school–and no need for “honor roll” decals–all students at said school are above average and talented– otherwise the student would not have been admitted.  Ha!), former schools, decals depicting the number of years your family has been in attendance at the school(s), alma mater (preferably a Southern university), college-age child’s university (preferably a Southern university–but a Northern Ivy is acceptable),  neighborhood decal sticker (so the private security patrol can easily identify your car when you arrive home after 11pm), a decal depicting your religious and political affiliations (think the “W. The President” decal) child’s soccer, cross-country, crew, football, lacrosse, basketball, tennis, golf, squash, track, baseball team, or YL membership, child’s summer camp (probably the same camp you attended), country or city club membership, and finally a decal depicting the beach, mountain or lake community where you have either a second home or the community where you secure an annual summer rental–me, personally, I have a front plate depicting my family’s beach community–just pointing out another option!). 

For the most part, as I recall, urban Northerners (New Yorkers in particular) just don’t go the way of car decals verifying their every affiliation.  I think that “we” are a “keep it moving,” ” make no eye contact” and “circle around the block a few times if you think a car is following you” breed.  So the thought of posting your every form of pleasure and affiliation on your small, cross-over SUV (parking is a premium and some garages charge extra for huge SUVs)  is just unheard of–nope, not done!  However, “we” suburban Northerners (I lived in Greenwich, CT before relocating to the South–oh,guffaw!) have been known to “decal it up.”  Just not to the extent of our Southern neighbors–something about New England piety.  But. . . 

Full disclosure—- at one point in my younger motherhood, I did have some of the above-noted decals on my SUV.  I will “own it”–I got caught up!  However, being a Northerner of the urban AND New England ilk, I did not get carried away (please see preceding paragraph).  And now that my SUV, like me, is in retirement, I ride around Atlanta almost decal free (some decals I need ). However, I should warn you, I am considering working with a graphic designer in an effort to develop a “The Recovering Attorney” branding decal.  Heck, why not?  Southerners love their decals—-just maybe I can start a movement—“Recover,” “Own It,” and be “Authentic.”  Ha!

Do you “decal”?  We want to know!

COPYRIGHT 2011.  “The Recovering Attorney”  All Rights Reserved.  And I Will Sue.  Ha!


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