Off-Topic Tuesday, or, The Daffodil Ball Has Come and Gone With The Wind, a quiet yeah!

YES!  It’s over!  The Daffodil Ball, the annual gathering of the finest young ladies and gents, with the “recommended”  attendees being the  product of Atlanta’s best families (someone apparently failed to consult with Mr. Google—I guess by now Cousin Hugh’s kidnapping of a Mafia boss in 1968 was too far off in the past to register–not really a cousin, but yes, a former family friend!)   schools, clubs and organizations has left the building–correction—-the Atlanta Country Club.  And boy—Mr. Recovering Attorney and I are pleased!  

( Don’t tell Precious Child I.  Because if I had to live through yet another weekend of “mandatory” etiquette classes, teas, fashion shows and spa days all in preparation for this Ball. . .)

It’s not that we are jaded (please see preceding paragraph). It’s not that we didn’t get immense pleasure from vicariously experiencing Precious Child II’s joy of having been “recommended” to attend.  She is indeed deserving of the honor for she isfine young lady in the true meaning of the word.  And her escort  is indeed a fine young man as well… 

But here is where it got “complicated.”  Tradition dictates that the young lady ask a deserving young man to escort her to the Ball.  Precious Child II, being her mother’s daughter, sought the most “eligible” 8th grade boy at her old- money, conservative, southern college prep school to be her escort.  Hey, why not?  He’s a gentleman, smart, handsome,  three-sport athlete and he’s a son of one of Atlanta’s oldest and most respected families (and she has had a crush on him since the 7th grade–we have known the young man’s family for the past 7 years, nice folks–his older brother and Precious Child I are friends; alumni of the Class of 2010 at the old- money, conservative, southern college prep school).   She asked.  And he of course said, “yes.”  Well, he actually said:  “I would be honored to escort you to the Daffodil Ball.”  Gotta  love it, right?  Right.  To say the least, Mr. Recovering Attorney was pleased with his daughter’s choice. 

Well, let the games begin—when the other “recommended” (and even the young ladies who weren’t ” recommended” )  young ladies got wind of PCII’s escort to the Ball, the fangs and claws came out I tell you.  I did not know that 13 and 14 year old girls were and are soooo competitive in the “girl-boy” department?  But again, PCII being her mother’s daughter, weathered the unnecessary commentaries, held her head high and kept it moving during the entire process. 

This past Saturday when Mr. Recovering Attorney, PCII and I arrived fashionably late to the “picture party” ( translation:  party held at the Club or home of an attendee for the purpose of taking memorable photos of the Event)  the “recommended” young ladies, their escorts and their parents (myself included) were too giddy to recall the endless pre-Ball preparations.    And as we watched our budding young adults receive their first corsages and boutonnieres, we parents could only  beam,  admittedly feeling proud that yes, our family’s achievements, civic commitments and dare I say connections (Ha!) gathered  ALL of us together on that beautiful spring evening.

COPYRIGHT 2011.  The Recovering Attorney.  All Rights Reserved.  And I will sue.  Ha!

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