It’s Friday, Friday Friday. . .

Rebecca Black, the 13 year old girl who hit the airways with her catchy, quirky hit, “Friday,” is the new www. sensation and the “of the moment” one to beat.  And yes, I heap on the praise to folks who create their own magic, market that magic AND hit the ground running with said magic.  Well that’s Rebecca (and her parents).  Good job, Rebecca.  Applause, Applause. 

If she quietly went back to the 8th grade, graduated a National Merit Scholar from high school, attended Dartmouth (Precious Child I is a freshman at Dartmouth….I am not going to give a shout-out to Yale or Harvard—he on ocassion will read this blog.  Ha!) undergrad and Harvard Law (Precious Child I has yet to apply) and we never heard another musical peep out of her…fine… she had her “Warhol 15” and she (and her parents) should be pleased.  But for my money (pun intended), and I am almost certain for “men and women of a certain age,” Johnny Kemps’s 1988 “Just Got Paid” is still the Friday happy song to beat.  The lyrics are as follows (more or less…but I am sure you can hear it playing in your head):

Just got paid, it’s Friday night.

Party hunting, feeling right.

Bodies shaking, all around

No one thinks while I ‘am getting down

Check the mirror, I ‘m looking fly

Round up my posse, jump in my ride

Radio rocking, a monster jam

Feel the rhythm, pump up the sound

I’m feeling so good

Don’t you know I’m just grooving to the beat?

Just got paid.  It’s Friday night

Party hunting,  body shaking

On the floor, rocking to the beat

Always… you sure look sweet

Find a young lady standing by……..

Pure genius I tell you!!!!!! Love it.  But.  Perhaps.  Mr. Kemp’s people (assuming he still has people—the song was a one hit wonder) should look into conducting an investigation into the originality of Ms. Black’s lyrics and video….something about” jumping in a car”, “rounding up a posse”, “radio rocking”…I don’t know Dear Readers….perhaps that’s the attorney in me.  And no, I did not practice intellectual property law.  But. I’m just saying.  Though Ms. Black is too young to even know of Johnny Kemp’s masterpiece (yes, I called it a masterpiece!), I am almost certain that her parents “are of a certain age.”  Hmmm.  What do you think?  Should Johnny look into “getting paid.” After all it is Friday night.  Ha!

Enjoy your weekend Dear Readers.  And if you are employed by the federal government—I wish you all the best and here’s hoping that you will be able to sing “Just Got Paid” this Friday and for many Fridays to come!

COPYRIGHT 2011.  The Recovering Attorney.  All Rights Reserved.  And I Will Sue.  Ha!


3 Responses to “It’s Friday, Friday Friday. . .”

  1. Yeah, Rebecca’s parents stole those lyrics. I love the attorney in you:)

  2. The jury is still out, Elle. We will examine her next www. hit real close!

  3. I am old enough to remember that one hit wonder! The best. You should check out the video. The dancers are rocking all of the moves from the 80s and 90s. Good Times.

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