I am FORTY-FINE thank you very much. . .and how are you?

When I was creating my list of “processed” words (please see Tuesday’s post–and yes “processed” words are probably here to stay–*sigh*) I left this word off the list:  FORTY-FINE.  I was saving it for this post. . .

Like I said before—I love anniversaries.  However, I was never really into celebrating the anniversary of my birth.  Now.  Yeah.  I had the requisite surprise, over the top sweet sixteen bash (MTV has nothing on my mom!).  The newly renovated, yet super retro Cotton Club in Harlem was the place and the then fledgling home based business and now famous New York City dessert baker extraordinaire, Jo-Ann Baylor (and yes, another family friend), of Make My Cake fame http://www.makemycake.us/, designed from my perspective the most beautiful sweet sixteen cake.  Ever.  Great party!  And subsequent celebrations and travels for my birthday–certainly something to write home about.  Oh guffaw!

But I was never the driving force behind the fun and folly.  My parents, Mr. Recovering Attorney, friends and even Precious Child II(she was just 10 and that was truly the best surprise) planned the affairs and sent out the invites.  If left up to me, I would  as required by law and custom, duly mark  another year on my calendar,  update my medical records and keep it moving.  

But this year it is just extra for me.  I am soooo into my upcoming anniversary!  No.  It’s not a milestone anniversary….no “lordy, lordy The Recovering Attorney is forty (oh, how I wish).” That  anniversary has come, gone and the pink flamingoes have moved on to another lawn and Ireland was just beautiful (thank you, Mr. Recovering Attorney!!!) . . . this anniversary is extra because I am for the first time in my  life entering a new, full year where I have finally learned how to accept, embrace and “own” my authentic self.  One must exercise patience to get to authenticity.   It is a decades long journey and it may go something like this: 

Your 20s are for making  as many mistakes as the law will allow, your 30s are for correcting those  minor infractions, your 40s are for “recovering” from the many  lies that we were taught to believe (i.e. “you can have it all”) and for “owning” your authentic self; your 50s and beyond are for sharing your authenticity with your grown daughters, granddaughters, and nieces.  Now. . .

I won’t elaborate on my new-found authenticity.  If you have been a Dear Reader you know of what I write.  Confidence, integrity, gratefulness, humility and ownership of all of my many strengths and of all  my many faults is just a mere sampling of my new-found authenticity.  Ms. Patti (ok–now I am probably dating myself) said it best.  Yes, I have a “new attitude.”  And Mary J certainly summed it up because I am  doing “just fine” in spirit, growth, mind and indeed body (yeah, I said it–ownership–people). . . . next week I will be FORTY-FINE thank you very much. . .and how are you?  Ha!

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  1. Well let me be the first, Happy Forty-fine birthday! I enjoy your content. Keep up the good work. So when are we going to get a profile and a picture?!

  2. ctgalaw Says:

    Thank you, Robert for the kind words. As for the picture and profile—-soon! Have a great weekend and I look forward to reading your comments

  3. Happy Forty-Fine birthday! I am sending you cyber hugs ((()))). Great post.

  4. Thanks, Elle. On another note, I love your name. So French–oui?

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