Off-Topic Tuesday, or, Word Processing for Recovering Attorneys aka Bloggers, Self-Help Authors,. . .

I love to read.  And like many of you, I will read just about any. thing.  Novels, biographies, legal journals and treatises, magazines, leaflets, newspapers, (even the Atlanta Journal Constitution on occasion—inside joke–“well read” Atlantans do not admit to reading the AJC)  pamphlets, children’s books (I love  Jerry Pinkney and Kadir Nelson’s illustrations), blueprints, history textbooks, blogs of course and even the liner notes on old CDs!  Though I have an e- reader (Oprah convinced me that I had to have one), I hardly ever use it–however, when I am in chauffeur mode with Precious Child II and I am doing the sit and wait routine, I will resort to the e-reader.  I still crave and need the real printed word on papyrus or some facsimile thereof (lawyer speak).   There’s something about cracking open a brand new book or turning the pages of a never read magazine– pure pleasure.   E-readers just don’t cut it for me.  Even when I travel.   However, there is something that e-readers, iPads, good old-fashion books, magazines and blogs have in common.

When you log on, load up, crack open or turn the page you will see and read the same thing—-words that do not “naturally” exist in the English language.  Words and phrases that we recovering attorneys aka bloggers (yes, after 3 months—it’s official—I am a blogger.  Ha!), self-help authors and writers of all ilk have a penchant for creating and using.

Open any woman’s fashion or lifestyle magazine, decor magazine; even science magazine and there it is.  The cutesy, witty, whimsical creation of words used to define an item, concept or event.  You know what I am talking about.  And like me, you are probably guilty of creating a few fun words of your own.  But I ask you, am I the only one sooooo over it?!  Enough already. 

I will keep you in suspense no longer—here goes:

Lactavist= a breast-feeding mom who will breast feed whenever and wherever she so desire (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Sheerly Beloved= a sheer, romantic blouse or dress that is all the rage this Spring–apparently a must have if you crave a Spring romance (did that make sense?–sometimes these “processed” words and phrases are a might extra!)

Fortytude=  a “woman of a certain age” who displays attitude, resilience, courage and of course, fortitude.

Naturalista=  a woman (especially of color) who has decided to shun chemicals in favor of her God-given, natural hair texture (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Kinkyiversery=  the yearly marking or celebration (with pictures) of the day when you Big Chopped (cut of your chemically treated hair in favor of your God-given, natural hair texture). 

Blogoversary=  the yearly anniversary of your blogging (of course you must “blog” about it).

Well, I will open the forum for you to share the witty, cutesy words that you have “processed” (created) or have come across in your daily readings.  As for me:

 “I am off to celebrate and post about my upcoming blogoversary.  Perhaps I will include photos of my Big Chop.  Through my postings I have displayed my fortytude and “recovery” and now that I am a naturalista, I am looking forward to sharing my first kinkyiversary with you in August.”  Ha!

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  1. OMG!!!! I love those words! It is so great that you are so comfortable in your own skin. I mean cutting your hair that short it a great hurdle! Keep up the outstanding work! 🙂

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