You came to The Recovering Attorney Blog  this day expecting  and craving my always original witty, chatty, opinionated, insightful, savvy, intelligent, (over)indulgent, sometimes mundane yet modern writing.  Right? Right!

Well I Fooled you on this April day….no new content here….but don’t leave just yet…..recognizing that by now you are indeed addicted to The Recovering Attorney…. I invite you to scroll down and peruse my Older Posts— in particular, “Sex in the City, or What Makes a Woman Hot?,” “Why I Love Being A Lawyer—no, not me silly!,” or “Cabin Fever 2011, or, How Many Law & Order Episodes Can You Watch? (<<<<<this is where it all began)  proved to be  fan favorites—Dear Readers even commented! 

Oh yeah I know that I said that there is no new content but you know me—-I loovvee to share.  There’s a well-known legal edict:  that “Silence is an Admission of… (translation:  admitting guilt by not proclaiming your innocence).” Meaning if you don’t profess your innocence, defend yourself or offer a different perspective from a stated opinion or charge that you, the “accused,”  fully agree with what was just stated.  Soooo Dear Readers because you don’t comment I assume that my opinions on everything from handbags to “ho burgers” are spot on!  Thank you.  My mom always said early and often that I was perfect.  Here’s your opportunity to prove her wrong!  Engage, Share, Comment. . .Stop me!!!!!  Ha!

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