Marketing 101, or, Selling Your Soul In the Process(I’ll have a Fat Ho Burger with Fries)

Years ago when I was a young(er) wife  (“younger” because I am not old.   Ha!) living  in Greenwich (oh guffaw!) I decided to try my hand at teaching.  Now mind you I did not have a degree in education nor did I have  a teaching certificate or license (I was thinking that because I have 3 great-aunts who have taught for a combined 97 years in the public school systems of New York City and Westchester County, NY—kind of grandfathered me in–no?–and yes, I’ m proud of my aunts).   What I did have (and still have) was mega-confidence, a freshly minted law degree, a need to distinguish myself from all of the other freshly minted lawyers (it was the 90s and the legal market was flushed—how many first year law grads are  adjunct professors?  Precisely.) and a true desire to share all of that newly acquired legal knowledge. 

So what did I do?   Over the course of 3 weekends I created  a syllabus and a class title:  “Everyday Law for the Everyday Citizen.”  Consumer law issues like how to protect and repair your credit rating, how to get your landlord to make necessary repairs and if all else fails—how to initiate, maintain and succeed in your small claims court law suit were just some of the topics  that I proposed. 

When Mr. Recovering Attorney gave me the all clear (he has always been my best mentor, cheerleader and critic), I put on my navy Tahari three season wool suit, my vintage I.Miller spectator pumps (my mother was a fan—it was  “THE shoe store for Manhattan ladies” until the early 1980s) grabbed my Coach briefcase and matching  Coach handbag (I left the logos at home) and headed to Norwalk Community College to make my morning appointment with the chair of the adult continuing education department.  I made my pitch, I left her my course materials and within a month I was on the faculty of Norwalk Community College  (the ink on my law degree was still wet and I  wasn’t old enough to legally rent a car)!   I keep the  now yellowed course catalogue with my Broadway Playbill collection.  Why do I share?  Please keep reading…

The country was in a recession in the early 1990s.  Many college graduates found that they had degrees, debt and no job prospects.  Some college graduates enrolled in graduate and professional schools to ride the tide while the economy recovered.  Others “created” their own positions (please see above example), some joined service organizations (Peace Corp, Teach For America) in an effort to gain priceless experience, give back, AND build their resumes. . .but wow times have certainly changed. . .fast forward to today. . . 

In Waco, Texas a young  college graduate has opened a new restaurant.  The name:  The Fat Ho Burger.  Not to my liking to say the least.  Some may argue that it’s just a name:   “No big deal.”  “After all, this is the Great Recession.”  “She’s a marketing genius—getting all of that free publicity.”   ” And I hear that the burgers are not bad.”

 It’s obvious that the young lady is talented— she created a winning business plan, a good product, opened her own restaurant and I”m writing about her!  However, I only wish that she had given some more thought on the name of her new enterprise.  I hear tell that Don Imus was her first customer.   His order:  The Nappy Headed Ho burger with a side of Supa Dupa  Ni%%er Nachos and a sweet tea. 

We can’t have it both ways people.  Pick a side and stick with it.  Free publicity is not free.  We all end up paying for it in the long run. 

Post Script:  Please continue to Grow and Recover. . .just maybe . . . perhaps consider. . . doing it with Dignity, Grace and Integrity.  Okay.  Now I am done.   

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  1. That’s what I am talking about! You don’t see Asian, Hispanic or caucasian men writing songs; making music videos disrespecting their wives, mothers and daughters. When black men call black women ho(s), and bitches, then black women and girls and eventually perons of other races begin to believe that it is okay t do the same. Some become immune to the sting of these words when they get that beat and their feet going to the music. We got to do better. Thanks for the post. And I like your story about creating your own position. Peace.

  2. ctgalaw Says:

    All I can say to that is touche!

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