Off-Topic Tuesday, or, Have You Ever Had a BFFFSM?

What’s a BFFFSM you ask?  A Best Friend Forever For Six Months.  You know that woman  you meet in a yoga class, at a professional event or at your child’s school.  You make an interesting observation in the class and you laugh alone.  She’s standing next to you and observes your laughter, notices the same interesting sighting; you are now laughing together.  You admire out loud each other’s sense of humor, style and wedding rings.  You suggest that after next week’s class you get together for a cup of tea.  The coffee house meet-up proves to be productive.  After playing the “6 Degrees of Separation Game,” you find that though you don’t hail from the same hometown, your husbands attended college football rival schools in the 1980s AND your children are patients in the same pediatric practice.  Wow!  Ha!  Guffaw!  You are on your way to BFFFSMship!

You call.  Tweet.  Use Facebook and e-mail to stay in touch outside of class.  You begin to assign names to the students in your yoga class:  “Bicycle Shorts Man” because he insists on wearing bicycle shorts that highlight his family jewels in all of its shining, shimmering glory.  And though you are only 4 weeks into the BFFFSMship, she has already met your dog,  been in your car and you two are toying with the idea of securing a summer beach rental together—kid friendly days and adult giddy nights at the shore. 

The yoga class is over.  You both decide to re-up for another 6 weeks.  Life is good.  You two are in sync.  Then it happens.  The second 6 weeks has come to an end.  And though your body is the firmest that it has ever been since “for-never,” you begin to tire of yoga.  You consider taking up running again.  But you recall that you like to run alone.  No distractions.  Just you, your thoughts, and your ipod.  You call your BFFFSM and tell her ever so gently about your plans.  She’s cool with your plans to run because she was considering joining a kick boxing class way across town— near her husband’s office.  She’s thinking that  it will be exciting to meet up with her husband after class for a quick bite (no children or BFFFSM in tow) once a week.

You give her a call to find out how the kick boxing class is going.  She tells you about a woman who comes to class in full MAC mode and by the end of class she looks like a broke down, busted, sad clown.  Her name:  “Ronnie MACdonald.”  You both laugh hard.  And you are reminded why you two clicked in the first place.  You two promise to meet up for a cup of tea next week.    Sick child.  Out of town for the weekend.  Injured ankle (all of that running and kick boxing).  Next week never happens.  You both are to blame or not (you both are busy). 

Spring is on the horizon and you begin to make your summer plans.  You enroll  the children in summer sleep away camp (the same  upstate New York camp that you attended as a child—it’s a family tradition), cooking classes, science day camp and the music lessons continue.  You decide that instead of the balmy beach for the last week of summer vacation, cool Cashiers will be ideal.  Your BFFFSM is not on your itinerary; that’s okay.  She planned her summer and instead of the beach she has decided on Lake Burton!

Five months into the BFFFSMship (just before the 6 month anniversary). . . and scene—the BFFFSMship has officially faded to black. . . 

That my Dear Readers is a BFFFSM!  If you have had a BFFFSM or if you are currently in a BFFFSMship (you will know if you are) do share.  If you have never had such a relationship you are missing a treat.  You initially connected on a superficial level and the deepest the relationship got was your advice to her on how to deal with her sometimes obnoxious sister-in-law.  Nothing heavy—no hurt feelings.  And if you live in a city like Atlanta, I promise you that you two will meet-up again (perhaps at the annual Dogwood Festival).  And this time the tea should be on you.  Ha!

*And please remember Dear Readers—when you start using the term BFFFSM recall that you read it (and had it defined ) here first  on The Recovering Attorney—tell your new BFFFSM—she might enjoy, too!  Thanks, Jimmy.

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