Do You Have Fortytude?

Sarah Brokaw, daughter of Tom, has written a 

 book for women of a certain age, Fortytude:  Making the Next Decades the Best Years of Your life—Through your 40s, 50s and Beyond.  Some may argue that here we go again.  A child, wife, husband, parent, sibling, or “play-cousin” of celebrity and wealth has once again capitalized on said status and is now a self  proclaimed, self-help expert about a subject that they in reality know nothing or next to nothing about.  Well, yeah that happens.  Think Growing Up Clinton by Roger Clinton, Bill’s little brother (Mr. Google helped me with that one!).  Now in his defense, I am certain that Roger is an expert on growing up Clinton—but save for poly sci professors, presidential historians, and people who purchase books for a dollar in an effort to increase the number of  books in their home library (I have been guilty of this–always justifying the purchase by saying that when I have read every book in my home, I will pick up “that” book), who really cares enough to buy the book?!   Anywhooo.  I digress.

Sarah  may have a leg or two up on Roger on this “becoming a published author because you are a relative of celebrity thing:”  She is a therapist, she’s 41 , the women profiled in her book are not her father’s celebrity friends, there just might be wide-spread appeal about the topic AND from the excerpts that I have read, I think that she has written an insightful book. 

Sarah has identified 5 Core Values that women need to call upon in order to go forward successfully in life after the age of 40:  Grace, Connectedness, Accomplishments, Adventure and Spirituality.  I believe that I sort of beat Sarah to the punch on this one because on this very blog, I have written about a woman’s need to show grace, gravitas, and other important attributes in order to realize her full potential ( But  alas, my dad is not Tom.  Touche!).  So yes, from what I have read, I’m on board with Ms. Sarah—we seem to be inside each other’s heads.  It’s just that my co-author check has yet to arrive.  Ha!

I am finding that this “in one another’s head thingy” to be the case with my peers (real peers that I share a bond with and “peers” that I have never met).  Perhaps I will blog about this phenomenon at a later date.  I told you that I was chatty–stay with me—back to the subject at hand. . .

 Written in an episodic manner, profiling the lives of motivated, modern women, the book  discuss making the next decades the best years of your life.  One task that she offered to a woman in the book served as a road map to the next stage of the woman’s life.  The woman knew she wanted and needed a career change but she did not know how to make the shift.  Sarah advised the woman to spend up to 2 hours in a book store.  Once there she suggested that the woman jot down the named 3 sections of the store that she spent the most time browsing— Travel, Exercising and Photography (sounds like an easy set-up, but I sanction a writer taking a few liberties in an effort to make a useful point!).  From there a road map was developed.  The woman eventually started a free (for the moment) walking tour in her city where participants bring along their cameras and capture photos of interesting architectural sightings.  She is thinking about expanding the tours to additional domestic and international cities to incorporate her love of travel into the picture (I indeed intended this pun)!

What say you my Dear Readers of a certain age?  Refocus, Recover and share your stories of Fortytude, or not (too easy, had to type “not.”  Ha!).

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