The UN-BLOG, or, how do I Self-Identify?*

I have said this early and often:  This is the un-mommy, un-lifestyle, un-interior design, un-celebrity gossip blog.  I am curious as to what the exact heading these musings from my mind would occupy.  The jury is still out on this one.  But , if this is an un-mommy blog does that mean I can’t discuss, fawn,  fuss and faint over Precious Child I (he’s a freshman at Dartmouth—where did the time go??) Precious Child II (she’s an honor roll student at her old money, elite, Southern, conservative college prep independent school—(her brother’s alma mater), musician, chorale, jazz, contemporary singer who has toured nationally and internationally)  Mr. Recovering Attorney  (the love of my life and the man who allowed me to become a stay-at-home mom twice in my motherhood in spite of my legal degree, law licenses and potential earning power)  and The Dog (our Lab Mix rescue dog who is fiercely loyal, extremely territorial, and lovingly neurotic)? 

If this is an un-lifestyle/brand blog does it mean I can’t post about my  fabulous finds “sourced”  (the word de jour on lifestyle blogs–translation–purchased/found) at NeimanMarcus via the online catalogue exclusive to frequent shoppers, or my family’s spring break trips to Europe, the Caribbean and serene American beach communities, or how in my former life–before I left my hometown of NYC (aka “Money Making Manhattan”—that’s sooo 1980’s—yet my attempt to convey a sense of coolness while posting ) and moved to Atlanta—Mr. Recovering Attorney and I lived a High WASP- like lifestyle (yes, I said it!) in the bucolic Backcountry of  tony, sophisticated, family-centric Greenwich, Connecticut (Precious Child I was born at Greenwich Hospital and spent his toddler years toddling throughout the town’s parks, beaches and high-end shops).  Side Bar:  On Rene Syler’s (hey, Rene!) Goodenoughmother blog, she asked readers  what was/is their biggest financial regret.  My answer:  “Selling our Backcountry Lake Avenue, Greenwich, CT home.  Notwithstanding  the slumping/slumped housing market we would be soooo house rich today!!!!  No regrets, no regrets, no regrets . . .

If this is an un-interior design blog does it mean that I can’t post about my love for  residential architecture, real estate, interior design, my home on 2 acres of woodlands in the  close-in Atlanta suburbs, or how this past summer for Precious Child II’s 13th birthday we redesigned her bedroom–transforming the room into her new teen girl sanctuary, or how if you enter my home you would feel its soul in my eclectic, urbane decor (so I have been told) that reflects our travels, cultures and geographically diverse  former homesteads.

Finally, if this is an un-celebrity gossip blog, does that mean I can’t post about Usher’s alleged sex tape.  Honestly, I probably would never post about such a tape.  But Chris Brown’s antics—no—I would probably never post about Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Star “Ima Lawyer”Jones vs. Nene Leakes and or Natalie Portman’s baby bump…so, yes, I will defer to my celebrity bloggers—I just can’t!!!  But I will certainly continue to peruse the blogosphere for the latest celebrity news–don’t judge me, please!

* Good.  I got some of my back story out in a fun, non-threatening, semi “don’t get it twisted” kind of way.  Because though I have the bona fides and the curriculum vitae to truly go there— I try very hard to exercise restraint.  However, I do  write about my reality.  And yes most of my reality is historically and currently pleasant.  However,  the new “recovering” me is not interested in digging in that treasure or war chest (depending on one’s perspective) of attitude, preconceived notions and somewhat unhealthy elitist traditions (though my elders would certainly disagree)–been there, done that and I am seriously thinking about creating a tee-shirt to proclaim it!

So by now you probably can see where I am going with this.  Though I do  proudly refer to my blog as the Un-Blog (but don’t get me  wrong—I loovvee mommy, lifestyle, interior design and celebrity blogs—it’s just that I recognize when I am outnumbered and outgunned!), I will on occasion post about my passions. . .*cough* *cough* children, husband, dog, home(s), travels, events, charities. . .you get the point.  But as I have declared early and often (love the expression—will use it sooner then later and frequently), this blog is about personal growth (yours and mine), reflections on lives well lived (yours and mine), personal accountability and ownership (yours and mine) and acceptance of who and what we are all day and everyday!! 

If I hit a nerve, make sense (I do have moments of lucidity) or just profoundly piss you off (my New York came out on that one–that will happen from time to time), drop me a comment.  Let it out.  The www. is a big place.   As my grandfather stated often:  “There’s more room outside than inside—oh yeah, he was referring to flatulence . . .Ha!

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