How Many Views?!

Thank you viewer number 179!  It is because of you that I will post yet another day.  You see, I am not a “numbers girl.”  I don’t know the number of Grammy awards that my all time favorite  recording artist and family friend, Luther Vandross (my uncle played percussions on his many hits from the 80’s  {with the group, Change}and into the early 90’s–Errol “Crusher” Bennett, that’s him on the 80’s hit, “Searching”— earned during his oh so short career (we miss you, Luther) and I certainly don’t check my weight on a scale.  Numbers can sometimes give us false hope, make us complacent or in the case of my blog stats–can make one feel discouraged (did I actually just type the word “discouraged”–this blogging thing is keeping me honest I tell you)  If you look to the right of this post you will see the heading “Blog Stats.”  This number can serve to either excite or deflate the blogger—ok—me.  Excite me when I see the numbers go up within the hour and discourage my efforts when the ticker doesn’t tick for an entire day. 

There are days when my viewership is great.  And there are other days when not one single. human. being. on. the. planet—-not even Mr. Recovering Attorney—has logged on.  But hey, that’s okay with me folks!!!  I will blog on!!!!  As long as there is a thought process going on in my competitive, chatty, sassy, savvy, grateful, confident yet humble head—-I will post.  Ha!  And again, thank you Dear Viewer/Reader Number 179.

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