What’s a misspelled word or two (or 10) between friends?

Many, many, many years ago when students used an abacus to compute and spelling primers were handed out to 2nd graders, I was an all around spelling champ!  It’s true.  In the 5th grade I represented my New York City school district in a regional spelling bee.  No.  I did not win.  I know that I placed  because I came home with a trophy (in those days you had to earn an award—you did not receive an award for just showing up—ah the good old days!) and my elementary school vice-principal treated me to lunch at the Greek diner across the street from my elementary school.   

Now, if you have been a reader of The Recovering Attorney for the past 3 months or so I can not possibly fault you if you believe that the above account is me telling a “victimless lie (please see previous post).”  My spelling has been atrocious on this blog.  Yes.  I am taking ownership.  You see, when you blog you rely on your computer’s spell check to catch those sometimes subtle spelling errors and you certainly expect the computer to catch the flagrant errors.  But not my 2009 laptop Sony Vaio’s spell check!  And yes, I recognize that the spell check feature can only catch and correct a misspelled word when the misspelled word is somewhere within the range of recognizability(did I just create a word?) of an actual word.  My misspelled words are indeed within the range of recognition.  Because when I look over a post and spot a misspelled word—I go old school and pull out my dictionary and I am off by one letter or so.  Example—I misspelled the word “tattoo.”  I spelled the word thusly:  “tatoo.”  My Sony Vaio spelling dictionary did not catch the misspelled word!  So for 3 days or so there the word “tatoo” sat for the entire world to see!!!!!  Come on Sony.  Update and expand your spelling dictionary or simply utilize the legal theory of caveat emptor.  Your disclaimer should read something like this:  “If you intend to use your new Sony Vaio laptop computer for the purpose of creating, writing, devising, drafting and or posting documents, please be advised that our spell check feature SUCKS—we are enclosing a hard copy dictionary with every computer for your convenience.”

Long story short.  Yes.  I can actually spell.  My posted misspelled words fall within the purview of most common misspelled words.  So hang in there with me.   If you see a misspelled word and you have time on your hand, send me an e-mail or comment and let me know! 

Many thanks,

The Recovering Attorney

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