Off-Topic Tuesday, or, “Victimless Lie” Anyone?

I will admit that I am a fan of KLG and Hoda  aka the 15th hour of the Today Show.  And obviously I am not the only one.   There’s a contest where viewers compete each week for the title of  “Fan of the Week.”  Said favorite fan submits a video depicting said favorite viewer engaging in activities that are ripped straight from the KLG and Hoda script.  But don’t laugh.  The winning favorite fan is awarded trips to Paris , destination spas, weekends in New York, etc.   So.  No. I am not the only fan.  Or maybe I am because I am not in it for the prizes!  Anywhoo….   

But my all time favorite segment of KLG and Hoda is this segment where 2 male comedians, a male clinician and a “hottie” (sounds like a set-up for a joke) get together and answer questions from female viewers.  FunKnee I tell you.  I recall a segment where this woman asked this round-about, long-winded, up the hill and across the lake question. . .and when she finally got to the point the question  was:  Why when women are talking  men tune out?  The answer from the comedian:  THE WAY YOU ASKED THAT QUESTION IS THE ANSWER!  Ha.

These aforementioned men talk to the female viewers without using the “victimless lie” approach.  What’s the victimless lie you ask?:

1.  “Yes, I took the trash out”

2.  “No, Beyonce is not hotter than you”

3.  “Sure, it’s okay to watch Titanic again”


4.  “No.  I did not see her boobs falling out of that dress.  I was looking at you baby!”

That’s the victimless lie—men use this approach because it keeps the drama to a minimum, it spares feelings and it allows men to stall until it’s okay to tell the truth—so I am told by my reliable source. 

So ladies when you ask your spouses and boyfriends questions about your hair, dress or last night’s meal… do you prefer the victimless lie or straight- to- the- point- take- no- prisoner approach as told by the comedians on KLG and Hoda?

Let us know!

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