Are You Losing Your “Lady Skills?”


Gentlemen Dear Readers don’t go just yet!  But then again with such an intriguing title why would you leave?!  And no ladies, I am not “going there” at least not yet— we have just met—let’s give this relationship some time to marinate before we start talking about “that.”  Well………

The Australians have noted in some survey thingy that women (Australians women I suppose, but that’s ok–Australian women live, love and laugh so that’s good enough for me) under the age of 30 are losing their “lady skills” like cooking and cleaning.  Researchers have found that only 51% of women under 30 know how to cook a roast while 82% of women of a certain age thought it was a cinch ( I don’t eat red meat so I can’t and won’t cook a roast but I can bake a mean chicken!).

Really?  Interesting.  I am certain that many of you and myself included would start the dialogue with:   Is it truly necessary for women to know how to cook and clean?  Many women are busy with careers outside of the home.  Careers inside of the home.  Careers inside and outside of the home.  Children.  Spouses.  And all of that other stuff.  Some women earn wages that allow for The Help to ease some of the daily to do list.  And some women have spouses and equivalents to help manage the household and life.  And let us not forget that there are dry cleaners, restaurateurs, bakers and candlestick makers.  How. Ever.  I would argue that yes, women (all women regardless of age) should know how to cook, clean, bake, change diapers, swaddle a newborn, sew on a button and host a fabulous dinner party.

 But I would also argue that all women should know how to change a flat tire, mow the lawn,  and hook-up the new flat screen.  Why?  For the obvious reasons (we are an enlightened group here—no need to state the obvious about our changing society and shifting gender roles. . .) and because that quarter of a million dollar + income  could possibly disappear in a nano second.  Think the Great Recession.

So my ladies what are modern and perhaps not so modern womanly skills that you possess?  Allow me to go first:

1.  I can teach a guy to sew a button on a shirt (bake a chicken, make homemade pesto, etc.) so he does not have to ask.

1a.  Make hospital corners on a bed.  Please see above photo—she’s making a bed folks—I’m going to need for you to keep it clean!

2.  Keep my cool in a stressful situation.

3.  I can earn my own money (though by choice I am not actively engaged in such a pursuit).

4.  Efficiently delegate duties.

5.  Give myself a professional looking pedicure (not so much with a manicure).

6.  Apply makeup and do my hair  in less than 10 minutes.

7.  Walk up to 3 city blocks ( I am certain that the younger ladies can best me on this one!) in uncomfortable shoes toting one of my favorite oversized handbags because I just look so darn good doing it (foolish yes but it proves that I am not ready to “socially disappear.”  Ha!).

8.  Study for and pass bar exam number II with two high maintenance children under the age of ten underfoot. 

9.  And I can make an entire Thanksgiving dinner on my own (but I like that I taught both Precious Child I & II how to share in the culinary preparations)!

But I must be honest with you.  I am not mechanically inclined.  To be fair.  If I were male I would probably not be able do the following:  I can’t (I mean I can if I committed to it) change a flat, mow the lawn, or hook up a flat screen.  But it’s definitely on my to do list.  Seriously, well perhaps not the lawn thing and though I may “learn” how to change a flat, I just can’t imagine myself actually changing a flat on the side of the road.  Don’t judge me.  I am honest and I am attempting to grow as a person at the same time.  That’s hard to do darn it!

Your turn.  What are some of the modern and not so modern lady skills that you possess?

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