The Tale of a Most Successful “Recovery”

I’ve said it so many times and here I go again:  I started this blog/journey on January 11, 2011.  It was the snow and ice storm that stopped the “city too busy to hate” right in its tracks and led me to my laptop to reach out to the world.  Translation:  Mr. Recovering Attorney, Precious Child II and The Dog had conspired to drive me crazy and I had to “talk” to others!

 I have been reading and lurking around blogs for about three years now.  Through my daily readings I have seen bloggers come and go and  I have seen bloggers set goals and meet them.  I am always that booster in cyber space cheering them on.  I have come to “know” their families, friends and more importantly their hopes and dreams.  To me that’s special.  That’s the world of blogging!

However, according to  the The New York Times, blogging is  going the way of My Space and VHS.  The Times stated that  younger bloggers are far too busy to sit down at the computer and post lengthy missives.  Now don’t think that younger bloggers are done with sharing their every thought and movement with the world.  Oh no.  They  have moved on to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.  Get in and get out.  No need to post  a video to a blog when you can do that on a smart phone.  The Times went on to state that if this trend continues, the blogosphere will be dominated by “people of a certain age.” That’s  okay.   We loooove blogging according to The Times and we are not going anywhere.  Ha!  Well at least some of us are here to stay.

On February 11th I clicked on to one of my favorite blogs.  Favorite not because of the blog’s content, though the content was great.  Favorite because I “watched” this blogger celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary, I “watched” her summon the courage to step down from her comfortable corporate position.  I “watched” her state that she was going to invest in herself and I “watched”her state that she was ready to re-invent herself and make a new career and Brand from this blogging thing.  And over the past 5 years (I started reading in year 3)  she did just that.  First she hired a publicist and got the word out.  She even “hired” interns!   She started to make appearances around Atlanta as her “new” self—a lifestyle brand and expert.  Local glossy publications promoted her and her efforts.  She has won blog awards, she has sponsored “meet-ups” in hip, trendy, eateries.  She adopted a signature look.  She has sponsored lifestyle outings and restaurant “crawls” in Atlanta and other major cities.  She self-published a novella about her personal re-invention and most recently she founded and held a successful, first of its kind 3 day Lifestyle Blog Conference here in Atlanta. 

So it was on February 11th that I clicked on to see what one of  my favorite bloggers was up to next.  And there it was in a 4 sentence statement:  “Adieu to all of my readers.  Thank you for your support. . . .”   In essence, she accomplished what she wanted to with her blog and she was ready to move on to bigger and better things!  She said that we will be hearing from her soon and I am sure that we will.  Look out Martha and B.Smith, The Broke Socialite is nipping at your Louboutins!   Though The Broke Socialite and I were formally introduced and we have been at the same Atlanta events—her step-son and Precious Child I are prep-school buddies, I certainly will not be invited to the launch party of her lifestyle show on the OWN Network!  And that’s fine. 

I wish her a continued successful “recovery” and I soooooo look forward to seeing her in all media!  I started my blog on January 11, 2011;  The Broke Socialite said adieu on February 11, 2011.   Perhaps the passing of the torch?  We will see!

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