Off-Topic Tuesday, or, “Stash It” or “Trash It”

Dear Readers if you have been with me from the start (January 11, 2011 to be exact), you know that this blog is the un-lifestyle, un-mommy, un-interior design blog.  My blogosphere peers handle those subjects with great aplomb, wit, style and grace.  Y’all (my adopted/affected southern vernacular.  Ha!) don’t need my daily additional two cents.  So thank you fellow lifestyle, mommy, interior design and celebrity gossip (my guilty pleasure—don’t judge me.  Ha!) bloggers because I am indeed a fan/lurker!  

My goal with The Recovering Attorney is to provide an atmosphere where Dear Readers of a certain age (me and possibly you), Dear Readers who are at a career or personal life crossroad (me and possibly you), Dear Readers who are rediscovering or just discovering who they are and what they want out of life  (me and possibly you), Dear Readers who are on the verge of “big things” (me and possibly you—we can dream can’t we!) can come to, un-wind, learn, share and grow together.   If you breathe —you live, dream, discover and re-discover.  So all are welcomed here!

How.Ever.  On Tuesdays all bets are off.  We dispense with The Heavy.  We go off-topic and we keep it “Recovery Lite.”  And on some Tuesdays we actually surf the Internets  and  ask:  “Stash It” or “Trash It.”  So engage.  This can be a fun exercise in frivolity!

Disclaimer:  I will not weigh in on the “Stash It” or “Trash It” features.  I have no stake or stock  in any of the items.  I  simply love accessories!  So feel free to express yourself.  That’s what we are all about here.  Thanks!!!

Alexander McQueen Floral-Wedge T-Strap Sandal                      Dior Homme - Perforated Leather Ankle Boots

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