Off-Topic Tuesday, or Bucket List Planning in Your 40s?

I had an entirely different topic for today.  You know, something light and frivolous— — “Stash-It or Dash-It” like/lite.  Then I recalled a conversation I had with a friend.  As I have stated several times on this blog, I am a woman of a certain age.  College. Check.  Law school. Check.  Career. Check.  Marriage.  Check.  Home(s). Check.  Children. Check.  Precious Child I in college.  Check .  Not necessarily in that order and you get the point! 

My friend and I are at the same place in life.  We both have meticulously planned the first 30 years of our lives.  Even down to the names of our yet to be born children.  You remember how we girls use to write the names of our future children on our middle school notebooks.  “Summer” was to be my future daughter’s name.  And no.  Precious Child II is not carrying the moniker Summer, but I will say, her name is pretty darn close to my middle school mind-set.  Ha!

Anywhooo. . .life has been good thus far.    My friend and I have more or less successfully executed those plans made so many decades ago.  So here’s the hmmmmm.  What about the next 30 years?  If you are a person of a certain age, have you planned the next 30 years of your life?  I am not talking Fort Lauderdale versus Palm Springs.  I am talking about new career, new sense of spirituality, new love perhaps? 

What say you Dear Readers.  You have placed great care in planning the first 30 years of your life.  Parents, coaches,  high school college counselors, college department chairs and advisors, self-help books; even career coaches have weighed in on the first 30 years.  Now that the goals have been met, are you in the process of using such care and due diligence in planning the next 30 years?  Perhaps we should.  Some have even suggested that 50 (“50” and I have not been formally introduced but we do have mutual friends) is the new 30, so if that’s the case.  Get to planning!!!!   And do feel free to share.

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