Why I Love Being A Lawyer*—-no, not me silly!

Since the Great Recession and probably before, there has been a lot of chatter about the downbeat legal education and career markets.  In a nutshell:  too many Third Tier law schools churning out law graduates + not enough legal jobs +  many newly minted lawyers underwater with their student loans =unhappy people who know how to make a scene!

Surveys show that nearly half of all lawyers wouldn’t enter the profession if they had to do it all over, wouldn’t recommend their children become lawyers; would rather be counting mosquitoes on a summer evening for the local agriculture extension program. 

 The country struggles to recover from the Great Recession and the legal profession is certainly not immune.  It is indeed difficult for many lawyers.

So what about the other half of  the profession. Those ordinary every day lawyers who are not in “recovery” mode.  Those lawyers who embrace and defend the profession—-  the  happy lawyers!  I know some of these happy guys and gals.  They love serving the public good.  Love serving their clients.  So this is for you.  All of the happy lawyers out there. 

Consider this post as an early valentine to the “noble profession”—-tell us Dear Readers why do you LOVE being a lawyer!  Share your story!

*the content/idea of this post was adapted from an article appearing in the Feb. 2011 issue of the ABA Journal.  Those guys will come after me if I don’t share the love!!!

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  1. Ask me this question again in 2 months.

  2. Cute! Please keep me posted!

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