One Month Blogging Anniversary—Go Me!

I am into anniversaries.  Big.  Time.!  And today is the one month anniversary of what I like to refer to as “blogging while bored” —just kidding.  Seriously Dear Readers  it was on a snowed in morn just a month to the day (well tomorrow is the actual day, but my Fridays are sooo busy that I may not get the chance to post—full disclosure here, always) that I, The Recovering Attorney, threw her hat into the blogosphere world. 

In a one month time I have received supportive words and insight from a national media personality and now “friend in my head,” and I have gained even more respect from Precious Children I  & II.  Not an easy feat when you have a child who has seen it all and has updated his Facebook (Precious Child I) account to prove it! 

I am on a journey here.  I am determined to give this blogging thingy time to grow.  Though I have 83 views I will write on.  And really, 83 views— not bad because I have yet to send out an e-mail blast to all of my friends, associates and family about my blog, I don’t have a Facebook account and I do not tweet.  When I reach 100 views (I know that views don’t equal actual reading), I will go “public!”  So come on guys, subscribe, read, comment.  Heck at this point I will even entertain snarky, negative comments.  And to my 83 viewers, thank you Dear Viewers for a great month.  Come back and view me sometime!

With Love,

The Recovering Attorney

COPYRIGHT 2011, The Recovering Attorney.  All Rights Reserved

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  1. good job keep it up i would love to here more

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