Mind the Gap, or, Make That Change??


Let me just jump right in . . .  I will probably sound trivial and vain.  But here goes—I have a gap between my two front teeth!  There I said it.   The Recovering Attorney has a gap.  It’s not a laaaarge gap.  You can’t fit another tooth in there (not that there is anything wrong with that!)  It’s just that my two front teeth don’t meet.   It’s not a Lauren Hutton ( I am certainly dating myself) or former NFLer, Micheal Strahan gap.  My gap is probably slightly wider then Madonna’s.  So there’s your visual!  Ha!

Notwithstanding my adolescent 2 year courtship with my orthodontist,  Dr. Micheal Diamond, my gap returned with a vengeance when I stopped wearing my retainer.  To be fair, I have lived with this gap all of of my adult life and I honestly don’t believe that it has been a hinderance.  Quite the contrary.  In fact,  I have been told by my Nigerian brothers that a gap between a woman’s two front teeth is considered a thing of beauty and should I delicately say her “prowess.”  Think about how many Americans find the slight indentation in the cheek—The Dimple— desirable.    The French believe that a slight “imperfection” in a woman’s countenance adds to her uniqueness and allure.  Think a slight bend to the nose or a birth mark on the face (a stain on a woman’s cheek—known as a wait.for.it—a beauty mark).  Most Frenchwoman refuse to camouflage their uniqueness.  If anything they enhance and flaunt their imperfections.  It has been noted that I smile and laugh a lot so I guess I can be accused of flaunting my gap!  That would explain all of the attention I commanded from Frenchmen when Mr. Recovering Attorney, Precious Children I & II and I strolled the Champs Elysees a few years back!!!   As the saying goes when in Rome France …I am a closeted Francophile, by the way.

So a recap ( pun certainly intended—no caps for me):   I am cool with my gap and Mr. Recovering Attorney is very comfortable with my gap.  Heck, he met me with my gap and  never suggested that I should close it so he must be cool with my slight “imperfection” too!  So why talk about it?  I was wondering.  Is there any physical feature that you would change if given the opportunity.  Consider that you have lived all or half of your life with your large or small_______, or gap, or ______________(you get the point!), in an effort to reinvent, reclaim or “recover”, would you as Michael Jackson said, “Make that Change?”  I will go first.  NO!!!!  Though I am “recovering” and growing, I would not close  my gap for all of the  Goyard bags in Paree (well, just maybe. . .)! 

What say you?

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2 Responses to “Mind the Gap, or, Make That Change??”

  1. I have had stretch marks since the 9th grade. Darn summer growth spurt. I earned some after having my son but if given the opportunity, I would get rid of every. single. one.

    In college, I stretched, my shirt lifted a bit and the girl across the hall asked me, “who stabbed you?”

    Yep, I’d get rid of them.

  2. Jurista…ok summer growth spurt stretch marks that resemble stab wounds–funny! As my ob-gyn told me so many years ago, our stretch marks are our battle scars of birth!

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