She is a Good Enough Mother, or, Endorsement 101


My friend in my head (thank you, Wendy) Rene Syler, has created a website and blog entitled Goodenoughmother.   Rene’s domain ( pun certainly intended) where she speaks the truth straight with no chaser!  If you want a modern, sophisticated woman’s take on family, home, health, fitness, style, travel and particularly motherhood then GEMs is for you.   The former CBS Early Morning Show anchor and author of the 2007 book Good Enough Mother:  The Perfectly Imperfect Book of Parenting  remains actively involved in the news business.  She has made appearances on Oprah, CNN and the Joy Behar Show.  As a motivational speaker and ambassador  for Susan G. Komen For the Cure, Rene travels the country inspiring and encouraging her audiences.  Rene’s well written and witty musings will keep you coming back for more.  

Now Rene does not need nor has she solicited my endorsement.  I stumbled upon her site this week, I read one of her postings and I was home!  Now you must understand this is major for me.  I am a serial lurker (I have  3 years under my belt with at least 5 blogs that I read daily—never commented), I came out of lurkdom and engaged because the post was just that stimulating.   And get this.  She responded with a personal e-mail!  Now I am not suggesting that she has the time or the inclination to respond to every comment with a personal e-mail—but I would not be surprised if she did.  A class act and so down to earth.  So I encourage you to subscribe to GEM and The Recovering Attorney.  Your new go to blogs for rich, original, thought- provoking  content.  Annnnd Cut! Ha!

Oh, I forgot:

Dear Readers Rene is the Real. Deal!  She has anchored a national morning show, she has interviewed  influential national politicians, celebrities (can you say Denzel?); she sat on Oprah’s couch for gosh sakes!  She shares an important message about breast health.  She is a good enough mommy.   And if the preceding is not enough, Rene has beauuutiful hair!  O.K. now I am done!

Here’s the link:

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4 Responses to “She is a Good Enough Mother, or, Endorsement 101”

  1. Okay you are HILARIOUS! And the next contract I sign, I guess you get 10 percent 🙂 Thank you but more than that it proves that I’m not alone in the rantings of modern motherhood. My story, is a universal one and I am glad to count you also as “a friend in my head.”

  2. Thanks Rene!!! As you can see, we have a mutual admiration society thing going here. Legal Disclaimer: no money was exchanged in the writing of these comments and or post. Ha!

  3. A serial lurker for 3 years??!?! Wow. Now I want to know what blogs you’re reading. Do share.

  4. Jurista. .. here goes The Recovering Attorney’s blog roll: CreoleInDC, The Broke Socialite (now defunct but worth a visit to read past posts), CurlyNikki, JackandJillPolitics, SandraRose(my guilty pleasure, please don’t tell!)etc . . . I must add a blog roll —will do. Thanks for asking!

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