“I Whip My Hair Back and Forth”

Technically I can no longer whip my hair back and forth.  And that’s a good, no great thing!   This past September I Big Chopped.  Yeah me!  What is a Big Chop?  Simply put, a Big Chop is the cutting off of one’s chemically treated hair to reveal (and experience) one’s God-given natural curls, kinks and coils. 

No, I am not a card-carrying member of the New Black Panthers (not that there is any thing wrong with being a card-carrying member), nor am I retaliating for Angela Davis or Huey P. Newton.  My hair is not my politics.  My hair is simply that—my hair.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  I liked the way my former shoulder length, (ahem, cough, cough) chemically enhanced, straight hair “whipped” back and forth in the wind while I cruised down Peachtree Street in my shiny black convertible.  I liked the way I could  pull my chemically straightened hair back into an oh so sexy casual, effortless ponytail—my signature look.  I liked the way that I was able to jump out of the bed in the morning, get myself ready for  the office, get Precious Children I and II ready for school,  or off to tennis, gymnastics, soccer, piano and the like without a second thought.  I could always count on my chemically straightened hair to perform on cue.  Hey, why wouldn’t my hair perform on cue.  Afterall, for the past couple  of decades I have had a standing  appointment with my supplier. Traveling in disguise, I would hang out at her place for a couple of hours.  As she would prepare her magic potions and lotions, I would sit in her chair in eager, almost with giddy anticipation of my soon to be physical transformation.  The odor of the chemicals, the toxins that would soon darn near touch my scalp—I did not care—in fact, I think I got a “buzz” just from the smell!  She would get that creamy crack ready, I would exhale, relax and succumb.   To emerge from her place of business, refreshed, confident and ready to face the day.  My hair was on point and I was ready to face the world, again. 

Well, I have cut ties with my supplier (stylist), I no longer trek to her place of business (salon) in disguise (fashionable head gear, hiding my curls, kinks and coils) and I am officially off of the creamy crack (chemical hair straightening product)—I am 8 months free of chemicals!   Now I lurrve (love) how my curls, kinks and coils allow me to drop the top on my car without a second thought.  I lurrve how I can simply wash my hair and go—my new signature look.  No blow drying.  No flat irons.  Just me and my hair.   My natural hair is performing on cue without the burden of chemicals and toxins.  Essential oils, shea butter and coconut oil are my new go to tools.  I am in love with my hair.  Mr. The Recovering Attorney is in love with my hair.  My family,  friends and strangers have complimented me on my “new” hair.  My new journey.  I told you that I am growing! 

And the best, most positive thing to come of this new “recovery” :  Precious Child II is in the process of transitioning (allowing chemically treated hair to grow out) so that this August, on her birthday, she will Big Chop!  She can’t wait and neither can I!

I will soon post pictures to accompany my musings.  I think it’s time!  What do you think?

COPYRIGHT 2011, The Recovering Attorney

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