Where is Jack McCoy When You Need Him?

Well.  So.  Yeah.  Law and Order it’s not.  But the new USA legal drama, Fairly Legal is filmed on location in ‘Frisco.  My second favorite American city (I am a native New Yorker born and raised in Manhattan–I Heart NY!).  Correction, San Francisco —allow me:  When we dropped Precious Child I off at Dartmouth last fall, we meet the parents of my son’s roommate.  We exchanged the perfunctory niceties–ultimately asking the lovely couple of their origins.  Their response:  San Francisco.  Fine, great, Mr. The Recovering Attorney went on to say how he and I just love the Bay Area.  Marin County, Sausalito, the fresh foods, the whole vibe of the city.  Mr. The Recovering Attorney went on to say—” ‘Frsico is lovely (yes, he used the word lovely).”  Stop the presses.  Mrs. Roommate’s Mom corrected my husband oh so sublimely by saying, “oh, you love San Francisco.”  Guffaw!  Of course she laughed, we laughed and Precious Child II nervously laughed (she knows her Mom).  I decided to take the high road and ignore what I deemed to be her rude comment.  After all, I was overwhelmed with leaving Precious Child I over 1000 miles from home and Mrs. Roommate’s Mom gushed (no, she really gushed) over the beauty and poise of Precious Child II and she fawned over the many David Yurman pieces I was wearing—I am a fan of Mr. Yurman’s creativity.  Mr. The Recovering Attorney purchased my first pieces when we were vacationing in Antigua in 2001.  I have been a collector ever since.  As for Mrs. Roommate’s Mom–needless to say her over the top flattery more than made up for her rude comment!  Excessive praise will always win the day. All is well in the world.  We will  have lunch in April when we attend family weekend at Dartmouth in April.  And your right.  I will probably never refer to San Francisco as ‘Frisco again.  You live and you learn. Ha!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming:  A cautionary thumbs up for Fairly Legal.  Is Kate truly a recovering attorney? Yes and no.  As I discussed in an earlier post, mediation as you can see is so akin to the practice of law.  Same cast of characters and same issues in need of resolution.  However, with the unexpected death of her father, Kate is able to put her career in perspective.  Dear Readers, you decide.    The story line had the requisite twists, turns and moral dilemma much like Law and Order.  Thumbs up for that. I loved Kate’s jewelry (please see preceding paragraph).  San Francisco served as an exquisite back drop—the architecture of the city, the Bay, the styling of the interior shots and rooms—just an oasis of beauty.  As for the surprise ending—loved it!  If the writers can keep turning out such scripts, they just might have a fan in this Recovering Attorney.  I will tune in next week if only for my free sightseeing trip of San Francisco. Ha!

When in a social settings how do you deal with rude comments and or corrections from complete strangers?  Dear Readers please engage we all want to know!

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