Saturday morning at 11, or we need to be Clear. Here.

Just under a week into this Blog and I believe clarification is warranted.  Though we are in the nascent stage here I anticipate great things with this Blog.  I foresee thousands of readers, lively banter, and the healthy exchange of ideas, suggestions and opinions (no, I really do).  As I said in an earlier post (hey, this is only my third post so I don’t think it will be hard to locate that “earlier” post. . .it just translates better to say “earlier post” . . .oh, guffaw), I am Recovering from the practice of law.  The stress.  The pressure.  The need/requirement to fix a complete stranger’s problems.   

I received a comment from a reader (a real live human being actually cared enough to write!!!  Thank you!) suggesting that I wasted 7 years of my life (4 years undergrad and 3 years of law school) pursuing a degree/profession that I have more or less abandoned.  My response to the commenter and all others:  Not True.  So Not True.  Yes, I am no longer practicing law.  That is, I have taken my shingle and I have left the building.  However, I am still a lawyer.   I use my hard-fought, hard-won and expensive training every. single. day.  I just don’t use the license(s).  Are we clear?  Great!!  I like my colleagues in the law.  I have had great mentors.  I have mentored.  I have made life long friends.  Heck I am still a card-carrying member of the ABA (you anti-ABA attorneys, please, no hate e-mails and comments. . .  truly, I understand your angst), I read legal journals (gasp, swoon) and I frequent my state bar websites ( I am a lurker).  

So my Dear Readers don’t feel guilty if you have decided to no longer “practice” law or any other profession or career that has consumed a large amount of your youth or money.  Well, maybe you should feel guilty about Recovering from the practice of medicine. . . “paging Dr. Huxtable” will always sound good to me.  Plus and most importantly, there are not enough physicians serving urban and rural communities.  I digress.  Back to the point at hand.  Grow.  Evolve.  Find your passion.  Create.  Write a blog.

But you can’t call your blog The Recovering Attorney.  That name has been secured by this Recovering attorney who will sue if necessary to protect her copyrighted intellectual property (as she dust off her license(s) and pull out her sensible Ferragamo pumps and always on point St.John’s suit) Ha!

What say you?

COPYRIGHT 2011, The Recovering Attorney

4 Responses to “Saturday morning at 11, or we need to be Clear. Here.”

  1. Thank you for your continued support!

  2. I completely understand where you are coming from. I am less than 48 hours from taking the bar exam and I don’t think I even want to “practice” law. Crazy, I know. Partly because I may have to hang my own shingle if I want to be employed as an attorney and partly because politics and legislation has started to really intrigue me. *sigh* Guess we’ll see what happens once bar exam results are in.

  3. Forty-eight hours from the Bar! Where do I start? First, congrats on your law school graduation! Second, good luck on the bar! I get the sense that you will do very well. And please Jurista, don’t let my silly “old” self dissuade you from your 7 year journey. Your young. Life is in front of you. “Practice” for a few years. See if this law thing is what you really want to do. If so—go for it. There are never enough good attorneys out there. However, if the “practice” of law is not for you—get out early. Pursue politics/legislation those 2 areas are akin to the “practice.” Don’t let your parents read my response–they migt come after me 🙂 Good Luck on the bar, Jurista—I am cheering for you :)!!!

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