Cabin Fever 2011, or how many Law & Order episodes can you watch?

So my Blog is two days old and for the past three days I have been homebound.  Frozen snow  (can I refer to snow as “frozen” or is “snow” by it’s very nature “frozen?”  Too much time on my hands) covers the landscape.  So Mr. The Recovering Attorney, Precious Child II (Precious Child I is away matriculating at his northeastern, liberal, ivy, elite(tist) college) The Dog and I are at home driving one another crazy.  We have baked, boogied (i.e. danced), bonded and belched (The Dog).  We all need to return to our respective corners:  Mr. The Recovering Attorney back to his office in the Financial Capital of the World, Precious Child II back to the “country club”. . .her southeastern, conservative, old money, private college prep school, The Dog to his 2 acre dog run (more formally known as the backyard) and me back to my life without the aforementioned persons/animal during the hours of 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday!

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  1. Good stuff. I’m proud of you

  2. Good work. Proud of you

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